Ways of cutting and sewing that no longer exist.

People often ask us why H.E. cloth costs a little more than

other top quality garments. The answer is simple: a Η.Ε. cloth

is much more than a cloth, it is an experience for connoisseurs.

H.E. clothes are made by hand from the very best natural

materials which come from Italy and England and worked to a

narrow, but always unmistakable selection of classic style. The

collections evolve over time through the search of trends.

The bespoke H.E. clothes are characterized by their “su misura”

construction, resulting in garments of extreme comfort, perfect

shaping, in other words unique creations.

At the beginning we study the body to identify all the necessary

peculiarities to be able to obtain the maximum wearability.

Then listening to the customer’s tastes the fabric and the

model are chosen. The fabric is cut and sewn by hand, giving to

the bespoke garment an unbeatable value. The test before the

completion is a crucial step for the uniqueness of the garment.

A H.E. bespoke cloth exudes unparalleled elegance unsurpassed

style and finesse. A H.E. bespoke cloth exudes the idea of

creation impossible to replicate.